Fasteners & Fixings

The term fasteners & fixings covers a very wide range of products covering a multitude of industries. Manufacturing, construction and engineering all use fasteners & fixings to build and create components, structures and ever more complicated products. They are now more than ever an integral part of design with safety, strength and durability at the forefront of any new project and TUF-FIX is the choice for most of the professionals involved in these activities. The strength of the TUF-FIX brand lies in its ability to provide the right product with best quality – at the right price, for a wide range of customers all over the world. All the TUF-FIX products under go high standards of quality checking to meet the global industrial standards.

Painting Tools

TUF-FIX painting tools include a variety of top quality items, made from the best materials available for production. The tools range from brushes, rollers, refills, and accessories. With advanced ergonomic design, these tools with perform extremely well in the most demanding conditions.


Welding solutions at best quality and affordable prices for your increased business efficiency and profit. Tuf-fix offers the right solutions for your welding needs.


For the best security for your home, office and business. Tuf-fix locks provide the best locking solutions at most affordable prices.


TUFFIX personal protection equipment (PPE) products provides solutions that improve the safety and security of workers and helps them work more productively.


Tools are the most important part of completing a project. With various tools such as calipers, shovels, and tile cutter; you can be sure that the quality and performance you will get from TUF-FIX will be of the highest quality.


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